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Advanced Application-Performance Management

The "Performance Management" module supports the three methods of assessment — 360 Review, KPI, and MBO or combinations of these methods; it can flexibly define assessment indicators and weightages; and allow process management and visual tracking of the performance assessment process.

The module can:
• Support 360 Review, KPI, MBO assessment methods
 Establish a standard indicator database and employee indicator database to make the indicator setting more efficient
 Flexibly customize the configuration for performance scoring
 Different people can use different assessment forms
 Flexibly set the performance appraisal cycle and appraisal rating process
 Customize the weightage of each indicator and the weightage of the assessor
 Track performance assessment status and send email alerts 
 Support amendments or import of assessment results in batches
 Link the result of performance appraisals to compensation
 Allow query on assessment history